The Safest Swim in Triathlon

From 2 minutes to 50 minutes depending on your distance

The swim is inside the harbor, so no waves (see the photos!). Lots of experienced lifeguards, kayakers, volunteers and Coast Guard support. Swim with your friends, family, and those you normally work out with or train. See the complete description under our SwimSteam® section.



From 20 minutes to 90 minutes depending on your distance

Preparation for the Bike

The course we designed 25 years ago was to close Cleveland’s Memorial Shoreway. We were laughed at, but we got it done and been using it ever since. It is safe and fun to ride where you normally cannot. You will be telling your friends and hopefully want to return. Plenty of UH Medical support, police closures for the no-vehicles bike course and our great volunteers and radio team from LEARA.


Run, Jog, or Walk

From 4 to 75 minutes depending on which distance

Our downtown run (with a couple of small hills) will now finish at the University Hospitals gate where the Browns play (First Energy Stadium). Run as hard as you like or cruise or walk when you need to with fluids and UH medical support along the way. Easy parking nearby.


The Transition

From 12 seconds to 12 minutes depending on YOU!

This secure area is for participants only and where you store your bike and gear before and during the race. You will get body-marked before the race with your race numbers (for identification) by the volunteers; rack your bike and place and gear, shoes, or nutrition next to it. (Do not bring your valuables, please!) After the swim, you walk or run your bike out to the mount line then start your ride. After the bike, you will put your bike on the racks we have and start you run. Finish the race, get your medal and come back to retrieve your gear. We will be there. If you are a spectator, this is a great place to watch and root on your friends and family.


Medical Team from UH

On the course, transition, finish and in the water

The incredible team will be everywhere on race day and at the Expo and Packet Pickup the day before at UH Ahuja Medical Center. Read more about them at https://www.uhhospitals.org/services/sports-medicine-services


Our Charity

University Hospitals Rainbow Babies & Children’s

Raise money for our great charity by using our fund-raising entries or do a direction donation. You can also volunteer to help during the weekend, which raises funds in the process. For more information on Rainbow: https://www.uhhospitals.org/rainbow/about/uh-rainbow-foundation


Gear You will need (or may want)

From $50 to $15,000 (if you buy a cool, ridiculous Tri-Bike) 

Triathlons can be inexpensive or cost as much as you like. Most all of you have bike (or your kid’s?), that is the one item you need. You can spend a lot or a little but any bike will do as long as works for you. Swimsuit, shoes for the run and a helmet for the bike and you are set. Or, you can buy all of the specialized stuff. Have questions? Send us an email at info@TheClevelandTriathlon.com. We will also be posting content on social media, so watch and follow us.


Training for a Triathlon

From 1 hour per week to 20 hours. Up to you

We tell people that if you can do a spin class or a one-hour fitness workout, then you can do a triathlon. The one skill you will need is to know how to swim. If you need coaching or help, let us know—we can guide you.


To Register for the Cleveland Triathlon:

Entry into the triathlon is with our secure registration site at our partners at EnMotive. Their cool Hub system will be part of the race experience.

Our discounted prices change on the following dates. *Note there are no additional fees for USAT:

Until January 20th:

Olympic $125

Mega Sprint $115

Sprint $95

SuperSprint: $90

Youth: $30

Relay (any distance): $175

After January 20th:

Olympic: $140

MegaSprint: $130

Sprint: $120

SuperSprint: $115

Youth: $40

Relay: $200

After April 1st (no April fools!):

Olympic: $150

MegaSprint: $140

Sprint: $130

SuperSprint: $125

After June 22nd:

Olympic: $160

MegaSprint: $150

Sprint: $140

SuperSprint: $135

Youth: $50

Relay: $250

After July 7 to Race Weekend:

Olympic: $150

MegaSprint: $170

Sprint: $160

SuperSprint: $150

Youth: $50

Relay: $250